WIZcube in a Nutshell

WIZcube is a controller cube served as Programmable Automation Control System PLC/PAC cube, but with utilisations beyond the Industrial Programmable Logic Controller.


Design 10×10: the frame are dictated by the standart 40 long pin connector

External dimensions 10x10x10cm.
Frame width 29.6 mm and 17.6 mm
PCB inside boxes PCB 90×90 mm
Raspberry Pi 40 pin bus (long pin connector) will be used for the first M10 ecosystem.
Frames 3D printable.
Input modules 24v opto isolated.
Output modules 24v high side opto isolated.
Output modules relays and triacs. 220V switching up to 16A, – Motor module for DC or BLDC motor control
Analog IN/OUT modules -10v to +10v, 0 to +10v 4-20ma
Sensor module for Air quality control.
Smart PSU 24V or 220V, POE, CANBUS, USB and battery backup
Communication channels can be Ethernet and Single pair Ethernet, WiFi, LoRaWAN, RIIM mesh controller.

WIZcube – Applications

PLC controller ever expandable with IEC 61131-3 programming
Smart building controller part together with Node-RED, openHAB or Home Assistant.
Animatics control
Air Quality monitoring

Waste water treatment (monitor and control)
Industrial IoT applications

more in wizcube.eu