LHP 109 – Welding Trainer Lab

The proposed State-of-the-Art welding simulator aims to the vocational training world. Our system offers a modern teaching trainer that will improve the quality of the welders training processes, reducing drastically the training time comparing to a real welding machine.
The welding training simulator package offers a platform of a 3-Dimensional Real time video, using realistic Virtual Reality technology. The system Records and Replays the welding process and the associated environment in real time, storing detailed images and hand motion presentations while accurately records the motion and the process steps during welding, from any viewing angle, offering an unlimited viewing perspective of the process.

Therefore, assists fully the evaluation procedures providing a set of graphical as well as analytical tools. Moreover, the critical performance indices for each one of the student trials are recorded by the instructor’s computer in the data base.
The A21 simulator offers the following benefits:
1. It’s not using real welding power and electrodes or welding gases, so that it offers an accident-free environment especially for the beginners.
2. It’s not using real consumables reducing the associated training cost to zero.
3. It utilizes statistical performance measurements, so the students can save up to 40% learning time comparing to the required time by using real equipment (for equivalent tasks).
4. Overall, the system determines if someone has the necessary skills to become a welder or not – after all it’s a craftsmanship.

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Further info in PANGAEA Α21 Welding Simulator v2.1