Bridge Simulator
Engine Room Simulator
Engine Room Full Mission Simulator
GMDSS – Navigation Simulator
LCHS – Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

Our range of fully certified marine simulators offer ultra realistic, high intensity training solutions in both single task and fully integrated training cases.
The portfolio of maritime training simulators consists of a comprehensive suite of simulators, each of which has been certified by DNV to the highest Class ‘A’ standard. Fully compliant with the major revisions in STCW 2010, our marine simulator products are available in a wide variety of configurations from desktop to full mission solutions.

Each simulator is capable of delivering high intensity and powerful training experiences in isolation as well as in integrated modes, facilitating team based mission training and rehearsal. These cost-effective training solutions are aimed at fulfilling the training requirements of nautical colleges and academies, maritime training centers and ship owners.

Our maritime simulators range includes the following products: