14.11.2021 FED4Fire – Field Research on Precision Agriculture With LoRa (PAWL) 2nd phase

PANGAEASA as an IoT solutions provider for precision agriculture, is supporting farmers and agronomists all over Greece.
FED4Fire/PAWL demo experimentation research for open field precision agriculture applications, is investigating the performance of LoRa (low-power wide-area network modulation technique) compared to existing ZigBee based solutions.
The exploitation of the knowledge gained from the PAWL experiment, optimize the cost effectiveness and reliability of the provided IoT solutions on various aspects like coverage, throughput and energy efficiency.
PAWL experimentation research based on the existing NITOS/LoRa agricultural testbed of the NITLab/University of Thessaly (http://nitos.inf.uth.gr/) that offers autonomous IoT nodes on the open agro fields, integrated with existing agricultural IoT nodes, in order to have a side-by-side comparison of both solutions in a realistic environment.
Additionally PANGAEASA conducted a series of in house lab experiments in order to measure the power consumption of LoRa and ZigBee modules in their various configuration modes.
The realization of PAWL applied research gained insights to LoRa as an emerging IoT technology and its feasibility in our IoT products, moreover optimizes our services and products by offering reliable IoT nodes focused on precision agriculture applications.

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