The Engine Room Simulator solution for classroom network configuration is comprised of four (4) software application modules, running on the Instructor’s station, and the Trainee stations.
The application packages are installed in the Instructor stations and the Trainee stations. The instructor station provides monitor and control over the operation of the trainees.

All simulators are designed and produced in accordance with the requirements of IMO(model course 2.07, 7.02, 7.04, 7.08), STCW 2010 (regulation I/12 and code A/ Table A-III) – MARPOL and SOLAS too. The content of the simulator provided, including multimedia presentations, exercises and simulations, is adapted to the standard local educational curriculums while following the above international training standard guidelines, recommendations and regulations.
The simulators are designated for training students of maritime academies, as well as for different types of marine vocational training centers. The simulators have universal features and may be used both for training merchant and navy fleet crew.
The system provides the classroom Debriefing module, installed in the Instructor’s workstation, connected to the LAN, and also connected to an interactive board via HDMI interface. The projector for the debriefing station display can also be selected, as per client request.

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