The full mission simulator with touchscreens is a significant innovation in the development of full mission engine room simulators. This new feature reduces the main disadvantage of full mission engine room simulators in hardware version with realistic consoles and panels that consisted in the inability to adapt to various modern solutions applied in engine rooms unless expensive hardware changes were implemented. Hence, as a result of the introduction of touchscreen monitor technique, the simulators are much more flexible and lead to quicker and cheaper adaptation to the fast-changing reality of engine rooms.

The simulator provides a realistic, ship-like environment based on real hardware consoles and high quality 3D presentation. The systems include vital components, such as main engine local and remote control, engine telegraphs, engine room local panels, integrated automation system, etc.

The full mission simulator provides a new approach to navigation through the different systems’ elements, allowing for an easy and quick access to basic engine room operation (valve opening and closing, setting position of switches, push-buttons, etc.). This is possible due to the application of state-of-the art 3D visualization with zoom function.

The latest development also includes a combination of 3D and 2D diagram presentation, which enables to follow how a certain device really functions and gives a complete picture of its structure.

The presented solutions have improved considerably the level of simulator fidelity in comparison to real machinery. In consequence, it was possible to eliminate the disadvantages of the engine room simulator with typical 2D presentation consisting of a schematic and simplified presentation of machinery systems.

This simulator is designated for training students of maritime academies as well as different types of marine vocational training centres. The simulator has universal features and may be used both for training merchant and navy fleet crew.

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