The Bridge Computer based simulation stand alone classroom solution comprises of the interactive software Bridge simulation modules running on the Instructor’s station, the debriefing station and the trainee stations.
-The Simulators are designed, built and installed in accordance with the requirements of IMO, STCW 2010 – MARPOL and SOLAS and is approved by DNV-GL to the highest Class A Standards. The content of the simulator including its presentations, exercises, and a simulation are provided, adapted to the standard local educational curriculum, while following the above international training standard guidelines, recommendations and regulations.
-The simulations are designed and based on scientific mathematical models which apply to the marine engineering, hydrodynamics for creating a high precision navigation simulations.
-The simulator system is capable of supporting the full extent of training requirements, and incorporates maximum design flexibility. It offers the facility of creating and enabling different simulation scenarios with incremental levels of complexity per case as students progress in the course work.
-As part of the training process, (theory delivery and simulation practice) assessment tests, take place in order to ensure that the students comprehend and perform the tasks correctly. This step by step process of performance evaluation, covers the whole didactic content
The curriculum is separated into its Standard mode of operational training level and its Advanced mode of operational training level in a sequence of appropriate theory, simulation process practice and testing through problem solving procedures.

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