The start-up PANGAEA R&D IKE based in Thessaly has a business orientation in Technology Research & Development Services in the fields of Agri-Food, Industry, Computers and Informatics for the utilization of innovative technological solutions.
Our business concept aims at the research, development and application of technological innovations of “sustainable agricultural development” utilizing our long-term scientific knowledge and application experience as well as the establishment of partnerships with business and research bodies.
The development, standardization and evaluation of new innovative methods and technologies lead us to the creation of innovative commercial products and the provision of specialized technological services to solve problems of primary production, the environment and the growing demands from the applications of ICT technologies in the agri-food sector.

Our allies the most modern technologies such as
– aerial surveillance vehicles (UAVs) equipped with special sensors or application means,
– IoTs and IIots sensors (which measure temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric and gender meteorological parameters but also the health of plants at each vegetative stage etc.)
– specialized information management systems (cloud based) for the quick recording of a large amount of data and the application of reliable protocols for correct decision-making for the optimal use of available resources and means.

For more info visit our website https://pan-gaea.gr/